BNS Project/Construction Management & Technical Support

 BNS Project/Construction Management & Technical Support - Welcomes You!

BNS Engineering is an owner oriented Project / Construction Management, organization which also provides Validation, Engineering and Environmental solutions. BNS has specialized professionals in the areas of project management, construction management, validation, engineering and environmental with over 15 years of experience. BNS represents the owner during the engineering, construction and validation phases of the project.

BNS offers a complete line of safety and environmental management, constructability programs, turnaround planning, inspection services, project controls and complete project and construction management. Projects can be managed from their conceptualization to their completion including commissioning, qualifications and/or validation.

BNS is committed to provide our value clients, the highest quality solutions for their specific needs/projects, Right from the First Time at a cost-effective rate.  Our work and commitment is to partner with our clients in sustaining a compliance and high-quality regulatory environment throughout the projects or products lifecycle. Our specialty lies in the development of complete and integrated support programs.